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About: Douglas Reed is an Associate Professor of Government. He teaches courses on Democracy and Education as well as Education Politics and Policymaking (both community-based learning courses), in addition to courses on Constitutional Law. His primary research interests lie in the constitutional and political meanings of equality and their articulation within educational practices and policies. His first book On Equal Terms: The Constitutional Politics of Educational Opportunity examine the politics that emerged from efforts to equalize educational resources through litigation at the state level. He is currently finishing a manuscript entitled Building the Federal Schoolhouse: The Local Politics of Federal Education Reform, which examines how changes in federal authority over education affect local politics. The book examines the political and educational changes in Alexandria, Virginia over a 50 year period, setting those changes within the political development of the city and federal educational policies. He has also published on federalism and educational standards and is starting a new book project entitled The Politics of Proficiency, which examines both the political underpinnings of standards-based accountability for students and teachers and the feedback effects those accountability mechanisms have on support for public education. He is a Faculty Fellow at the Center for Social Justice this academic year.

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