Data Visualization

What is Data Visualization?

Data visualization is the graphic representation of data for the purpose of communicating information about the data to viewers.

Why use Data Visualization?

You can use data visualization to see trends in data, identify outliers in data, and share data with others in a compelling manner.

What can I do with Data Visualization?

Explore the relationships between data

Data visualization can be used to look at the relationship between multiple data sets. Mo Zhou, a student in PPOL 646: Data Visualization explored the human development index (HDI) and its relationships with some policy factors that can potentially influence human development using this approach to data visualization.

Share data with others

Data visualization can be a way to share your data with others in a way that’s much more compelling and easier to understand than sharing the raw data. Aaron Hendrix and Martin Brownridge, students in JUPS 299: Research Methods used an infographic (a type of data visualization) to illustrate the types of participants that Georgetown students would work with in the DC Schools Project Program.

How do I get started with Data Visualization?

The Data Visualization Research Guide has more tools and resources. Workshops on various data visualization topics and tools are hosted each Fall and Spring semester. For a one-on-one consultation on data visualization, email