Digital Media Production

What is Digital Media Production?

Digital media production is the creation of media using tools and methods including video production, audio production, graphic design, data visualization, 3D animation, and other multimedia formats to tell compelling stories and communicate complex ideas.

Why use Digital Media Production?

In our constantly evolving technological landscape, it is important to deliver learning experiences that are relevant and meaningful to digitally-savvy students. Forgoing traditional pen-and-paper assignments in favor of digital projects provides students with the opportunity to individualize their learning, work in non-traditional formats, become responsible digital citizens, and develop digital literacies.

What can I do with Digital Media Production?

Audio and Podcasting Projects

Professor Adam Rothman’s history students were tasked with producing a 10-15 minute podcast for their final project that was inspired by Georgetown's Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation initiative, while Dr. Marcia Chatelain co-hosted a 16-episode arc about the Killing of Freddie Gray in April 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland. She provides the historical context for this nationally renowned criminal justice podcast. You can explore more audio and podcasting examples in the Library Showcase.

Digital Art

Remember Me is an animated film incorporating stop motion technique created in Professor Elyse Kelly’s Introduction to Animation course.

Digital Stories

Digital Stories are edited projects that contain still images and audio, perhaps sprinkled with some video. MBA’s for Others tells the story of how Georgetown evening MBA students helped build an eco wall for a local school in the outskirts of Lima, Peru. See more examples of digital stories in the Library Showcase.

Documentary Videos

OI Can’t Eat Books is a short video on food insecurity and how it affects the classroom. It is centered around the city of Baltimore and the current struggles of the city. It was produced by students in Professor Anne Oldenburg’s Digital News class. Bring Brookins Home is a documentary that explores wrongful convictions through the case of one man, John Brookins. It was created by students in Professor Marc Howard’s Making an Exoneree course. See more examples of documentary videos created by Georgetown students.

How do I get started with Digital Media Production?

You can schedule a consultation with a Multimedia Specialist in the Gelardin New Media Center to discuss different types of digital media projects or request a multimedia instruction session for your students. You can also learn new skills on your own or assign online videos to your students with LinkedIn Learning.