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Georgetown Domains

What is Georgetown Domains?

Georgetown Domains is a pilot program that offers Georgetown students, faculty and staff a hosting environment, personal domain names and web space for blogs, exhibits, research, creative work, portfolios, web development, programming, and more.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost involved for Georgetown students, faculty and staff to create a subdomain (something like [yourname].georgetown.domains). However, if you prefer to have a custom domain (e.g: yourname.com, yourname.org, etc) then you would have to pay for the Domain name. This ranges between $15-$25.

What can I do with Georgetown Domains?

You can use Domains to create a blog, portfolio, wikispace, gallery or collaborative project. You can install hundreds of popular open source applications such as WordPress, Omeka and MediaWiki to build a digital space that meets your needs. Faculty and students can create a domain for their courses, but they can also use it outside of coursework.

Others have used Domains to:
  • highlight faculty research
  • build a teaching portfolio
  • build a digital capstone or thesis project that can be shared with a wider audience create and reflect on a portfolio of student work that cuts across courses and co-curricular activities

For examples, see the StartupsMatter or Emma Thompson's Domains site.

How do I go about creating a Domains site?

Please visit the Georgetown Domains site to get started with your site.

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