Poll Everywhere

What is Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere is a web-based polling tool that faculty can use in or outside the classroom to engage students. It offers instructors more question types than traditional clicker devices and allows students to respond to polls with their mobile device or computer.

What can I do with Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere features a variety of question types--including multiple choice, word cloud, open response, image map, and up- and down-voting--which instructors can use to help engage students in active learning, both in and out of the classroom. They can also use the tool to quiz, poll, or survey students outside of class.

Examples of ways faculty can use Poll Everywhere with their students:

  • Reviewing content using multiple choice questions
  • Gauging students' understanding of new concepts and points of confusion
  • Identifying an element on an image
  • Collecting data points on graph
  • Receiving anonymous feedback via open-ended responses
  • Conducting an icebreaker activity using a word cloud

Read about the experiences of Georgetown faculty who participated in the Poll Everywhere pilot.

How do I try Poll Everywhere for my courses?

Faculty can create a free basic account at www.polleverywhere.com that can be used to poll up to 40 students at a time. For larger classes, faculty can purchase an instructor license with additional features and the ability to poll up to 700 respondents. Alternatively, they can have students purchase an individual license. If you would like to discuss ways to use Poll Everywhere in your course, please contact cndls@georgetown.edu to request a consultation.