What is Remark?

Remark is a video annotation tool that enables both individual annotations and group discussion. Annotations can be text, drawing, or voice notes which are tied to a particular time in the video. Participants in a viewing room are able to reply to and discuss comments.

What can I do with Remark?

Remark is a versatile tool. Here are a few ways it could be incorporated into a course:

  • Remark can be used for asynchronous discussion with video, much like a discussion board. The advantage to Remark is that the initial comments and replies are time-stamped and noted at the point in the video that sparked the discussion.
  • Remark can be used for self, peer and/or expert reviews of video-based content. For example, for a strategic persuasion class, Remark could be used to share student video presentations with guest reviewers for feedback.
  • Remark can be used to annotate lecture-based videos. Students are able to export their notes in a PDF for further review and/or return to the video viewing room to see their original notes.

How do I try Remark for my courses?

Remark is available to all Georgetown faculty, students, and staff. Log in below with your NetID and password, or log in directly at If you would like to discuss ways to use Remark in your course, please contact to request a consultation.