What is ShareStream?

The ShareStream media platform provides audio and video to courses and to the public at large. Sharestream is available as a Canvas tool and is integrated with Canvas’s text editor and Canvas assignments. It also has a stand-alone portal.

The ShareStream MediaManager presents all media within the course in a structured interface, allowing instructors to add collections and folders within the course collection. Instructors can copy media from prior courses, move media, add new media to the course, or request that media be added by the library or the language lab. Using the ShareStream Uploader tool in MediaManager, instructors can also upload and publish media.

ShareStream Pick-n-Play presents a different way to navigate, sort, and search course media. It also includes a media dropbox and communicative features: students and instructors can add comments at specific points in a media asset’s timeline and engage in online discussions around media content. They can also create personalized lists of media favorites.

Why use ShareStream?

Most faculty use ShareStream to make audio and video materials, from short clips to entire films, available to students within the course. But ShareStream also has a student drop box and a media assignment feature.

What can I do with ShareStream?

Media assignments

Using Canvas, instructors can create ShareStream media assignments so students can demonstrate mastery of a skill or knowledge of a concept by submitting audio or video to the instructor for assessment. ShareStream assignments are integrated with the Canvas SpeedGrader, Gradebook, and Rubrics.

Flipped content

ShareStream is often used to “flip” the classroom by having students watch and listen to audio or video before class in connection with an online discussion, quiz, or assignment or to prepare for in-class discussion. Online discussion can take place in Pick-n-Play or in Canvas Discussions.

How can I get started with ShareStream?

See University Information Service’s ShareStream support documentation for general information on how to get started. You can also contact the GU University Service Center for technical assistance, request Lauinger Library media reserves be added to ShareStream for your course, or contact CNDLS to arrange consultation on teaching with ShareStream.